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Versti aprašą atgal į anglų Jungtinės Valstijos. Join overregistered users worldwide and shop at over 1, eCommerce shops such as eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, Lazada and more!

bitmart listing

Buy what you like with fiat currency. Choose your own payment method: Credit Card, PayPal, etc.

bitmart listing

Make as many purchases as you like. The price of SG can be found at Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.

bitmart listing

Images of SG received through referral campaigns, past campaigns, and regular shopping are eligible. The announcement will take place in mid-January. Post as many times as you like to improve your chances of winning.

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The bitmart listing company, Social Good Foundation Bitmart listing. The Social Good Foundation's crypto back business has been approved by and is publicly supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Japan.

The company has already obtained several patents for how it uses cryptocurrency to provide consumers with cashback, rewards, and point redemptions. Until now, they have delivered crypto back to all users who have satisfied the conditions for receiving crypto back. Q2 When can I receive my SG crypto back? After purchase data has been received by the SocialGood App from the purchased store, the data will be reflected in the "Owned SG" section of the app.

This process may take several days. You can withdraw SG reflected in the app only after the cancellation period from the shop where the purchase was made has passed.

bitmart listing

This period generally takes about a month. For more details, please see the explanation on each store's information page.

bitmart listing

Rates and conditions are subject to change. Please bitmart listing the app for the latest information. Yes, you can! Friends invited to the app via your invitation code will also receive 25 USD worth of SG after their first purchase has been approved within the app.

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There is no limit on the number of invitees you can invite. Download the SocialGood App now and start getting rewarded for everyday shopping.

Nuo to laiko užduotis ne kartą viršijo lūkesčius, džiugindama finansininkus ir augančią kaimynystę. Šia užduotimi ketinama padėti vartotojams atrasti siuntų platformas, kad jie galėtų nusipirkti prekių, kurios skiriasi nuo maisto, bakalėjos ir kitų namų pagrindų. Dėl COVID pandemijos, vėlesnių blokavimų ir socialinio atsiribojimo standartinių produktų siuntimas tapo standartiniu. GERA kiekį vienoje genezės blokoje.

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