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Layers and low cap crypto games 2021 fashion are all the rage, but what about a totally new hairstyle? Fade with our top of the line clippersfrom zero to three up to the temple to give one side a clean look.

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Follow the line of where hair naturally grows to leave a wispy chunk of hair. Go ahead, run your hands through those luscious locks.

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Photo: YouTube This nostalgic Elvis look is making a comeback with a few modern tweaks. Instead of all grown out, a low fade just above the ear makes this look ultra clean with a nod to the retro style.

Razors are a barber's best friend for mastering the art of the fade.

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Normally, this would begin with a razor on the undercut, followed by edging and thinning out the top. Minimal, stylish and clean.

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Photo: Pinterest We love this look. Something about grown out hair looks perfect with a hat for fall. General upkeep for this look is adding layers or thinning to keep it weightless.

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Check out ShearCraft's professional thinning shears. Or grow it out for half ponytail!

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Photo: Men's Hairstyle This look belongs on those who turn heads. With a long lock of edged fringe, this look allows for style opportunities and free movement. Style accordingly: business in back, party in the front.


We hope this gives all of our men out there inspiration for a new do! When comes to ushering in change Hailey Way is a blogger, digital strategist, model, and dancer.

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